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Sustainable loans

The need to adapt

The changing climate means that businesses will need to adapt to remain resilient and take action to mitigate impacts and reduce risks. Running a business more sustainably may also reduce costs, improve profitability, elevate your reputation and provide a competitive advantage with consumers. We’re here to help, by providing your business with finance for a variety of sustainable purposes.

Property retrofit

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Deciding to retrofit your property can make a real difference. Retrofitting is altering an existing property so that it uses less energy, reduces emissions or both. Retrofitting also means you can choose to start with small changes and move on to those bigger ones when you’re ready. 

We want to support our customers with lower interest rates on loans which are used for a range of climate-related purposes, whether that’s retrofitting, updating flood defences or moving to electric vehicles.

Find out more about retrofitting; how to do it and what it costs via the link below.


Energy efficiency

Activities that reduce energy consumption and mitigate against pollution.

For example:

  • Roof, wall or floor insulation
  • Energy efficient windows

Renewable energy

Measures that are taken to transition to renewable energy solutions.

For example:

  • Solar energy systems
  • Heat pumps

Climate adaptation

Actions which help to mitigate the physical impact of climate change.

For example:

  • Flood-related defences
  • Water quality / scarcity measures

Sustainable transport

Activities that aim to accelerate adoption of low carbon transport options.

For example:

  • EV chargers
We’re able to offer a range of asset finance solutions which include electric vehicles, .

How does it work?

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As you might expect, there’s a broad range of work and activities that qualify for a lower interest rate. You simply need to meet the criteria we’ve set out, provide the appropriate evidence of the work you’re planning to do and we’ll do the rest.

Your account manager can explain our qualifying criteria and take you through the process, step by step.

Let's make a start

You might only just be deciding what you want to do, you may not even know, or you could be in the advanced stages of planning for change, wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

Speak to your account manager about how we can support your transition to becoming a more sustainable business. 

You’ll find more on sustainability and your business (and ours) via the link below.

Please remember any lending we offer will be subject to contract, due diligence and documentation.