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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"When I approached Handelsbanken with our now substantially more modest accounts in retirement it felt like a breath of fresh air. Our account manager whom I first met was charm itself, helpful, thoughtful and responsive and we felt welcomed as a customer, with the feeling that we were going to be properly treated as clients and as human beings.  That has been the case subsequently. 

My account manager and the team efficiently and politely guided us through the process and kept in communication - in a difficult time – until our accounts were safely up and running. Staff were always helpful, responding immediately to calls and discussions about our money. They are impressive employees and a fine testament to the bank’s claim to practice personal banking. I am hoping that our children will also in time transfer their accounts to yourselves, and I have made recommendations to a number of third parties in this locality."

Individual Banking customer

"I have used Handelsbanken for my business and personal banking for over 5 years now. I have always found the team at Durham very efficient and easy to communicate with. The biggest plus for me is communication, being able to speak to a person who knows me and my account. I don’t have to waste time with call centres and can get on with running my business. I would recommend them."

Corporate Banking customer

"As an entrepreneur with a proven track record I was looking for a bank that I could work with as my businesses develop. I had been increasingly under whelmed by the call-centre approach to banking and ever changing bank managers. I wanted to be able to build a strong relationship and understanding with my bank and I have been delighted to find all this and more since moved all my banking to Handelsbanken.

Their level of responsiveness and attention to detail has been very refreshing and recent dealings to arrange a mortgage were handled brilliantly by the branch who efficiently ensured a personalised service ensuring a smooth process and going that extra mile - more than once - to make sure my banking needs were met with minimal fuss and no interruption to business. I wholeheartedly recommend the Handelsbanken approach and the team at my local Durham branch for both their corporate and personal banking services."

Individual Banking customer

"My wife and I have been personal and business customers of the Durham branch of Handelsbanken for many years having had them recommended by a work colleague. We wanted a bank that was more personal than our existing ‘high street' bank, and we knew we were but a few years away from expanding our business. When that happened we were keen for our proposal to be considered from a personal perspective and not through the all too common approach of  a computer algorithm. Having moved to Handelsbanken we have been thoroughly pleased with the interest they have taken in us and our plans. Our banking manager has always been available when we have called or emailed, the service has always been exemplary and our questions or requests are never a problem. When the time came to expand the business they supported us in a very positive manner, just as we hoped, and our faith in that original recommendation has been proven correct. We could not approve of the bank or the Durham branch and its staff more."

Corporate Banking customers

"Moving house, re-mortgaging or getting your finances in order is often stressful in itself without factoring in issues like impersonal call centres, blanket policies and the wasted time you spend on the phone to try and get through to a person who can actually help you. 

I recently transferred all of my private banking to Handelsbanken after securing a mortgage with them and this was largely due to how much they impressed me during the mortgage application and approval process. The branch were extremely personable, professional and efficient, what more could you want?

They applied a very tailored approach to my mortgage application, rather than just ticking boxes to see if I fit a certain mould, and I felt reassured throughout the process that Handelsbanken would be able to help.

The team then ensured that I had all of the accounts I needed to meet my households needs, they made sure that the account switch took place without any hiccups and  talked me through the installation and use of the private banking app, which has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Handelsbanken to others."

Corporate Banking customer

"Handelsbanken Durham provided us with a truly personalised service, sensitively delivered by caring advisers who listened and understood our objectives. We are delighted to be in such safe hands and happy to recommend their services to others."

Individual Banking customers

"‘Banking with a Face’ is what I would call Handelsbanken. 

Our first experience of dealing with Handelsbanken was made easy by the warmth but professionalism of all the staff we met and unlike most banks not just one person but half a dozen at least. People dealing with people was the key and already we feel it is an extension of our family and prospective Business support. Maybe the Traditional banks could learn a thing or two? 

We look forward to the future alongside Handelsbanken." 

Individual Banking customers

"We previously banked with another bank who weren’t interested in helping us grow our business. It was therefore refreshing to talk to the Durham branch who immediately showed an interest in our plans for the future and how Handelsbanken could help us in that regard. 

From the start of our relationship with Handelsbanken my faith in relationship banking has been restored. Like our company they strive to provide excellent customer service and nothing is too much trouble for them. It is refreshing to be able to pick up the phone or call into the office and for everyone to know who I am and take a genuine interest in the business. 

I also like the fact that our relationship manager regularly comes with me to visit my properties to see the quality of the student accommodation that we offer. 

I also bank with the branch in a personal capacity and the service that we get is also first class." 

Corporate Banking customer

"My wife and I live on an organic sheep farm powered by wind and solar green energy. We realised the business potential of transforming an old disused barn with stunning views of the North Pennines into a Holiday Let Cottage.

We were recommended Handelsbanken by our financial advisor and on meeting Marie and Laura at the Durham branch we gladly arranged to transfer all our banking requirements.

We were able to secure a short term bespoke mortgage to fund the barn conversion project and the banking current account changeover was achieved in a painless and seamless fashion.

Overall we are totally impressed by all of the Durham staff and extremely happy to endorse them wholeheartedly for their collective team spirit, personable conduct and expert advice."

Individual Banking customers

"Following our relocation to the north east from the Kent it was our intention to purchase a property with land. After struggling to find the right lender the estate agent for the property we were trying to purchase recommended Handelsbanken. 

We are so thankful they did. The team were fantastic. They genuinely took the time to understand our requirements and needs. They didn’t promise us the earth as the purchase wasn’t an easy one but they gave us excellent service and advice all the way. I felt supported through the whole process and despite some ups and downs the hard work paid off and we managed to secure the property we wanted. 

We have been living there for almost six months now and we are so grateful to the team for their help in securing the property we now call home." 

Individual Banking customers

"In May of 2018 our organisation changed our professional banking services to the Durham branch of Handelsbanken. We made the decision after acting for clients who had dealt with Handelsbanken who had spoken so highly of the quality of their services and their accessibility. We approached the changeover with trepidation, anticipating unseen problems. In fact, changeover was problem free and painless. The preparation and consultation beforehand ensured that there was no interruption to our business. All members of the team at Handelsbanken were well informed, professional and accessible even outside of normal business hours.   

Our experience of banking with Handelsbanken over the last year has been one of a partnership with fellow professionals who are well informed and consistent in their approach to excellent customer service from which we have benefited enormously. It was certainly a good move for our business."

Corporate Banking customer

"If you are looking for a bank whose focus and priority is understanding and knowing their customers through a personal contact, and where you are seen as a person rather than an account number, then Handelsbanken is the one for you. Their customer service is the best I have yet to experience delivered from a bank, we are a business that believes building relationships is fundamental and in Handelsbanken we have found a kindred spirit."

Corporate Banking customer

"This is a short thank you for all of the help you and your colleagues at the bank have given me in the past fortnight. 

I was particularly impressed with your responsiveness at a time which could otherwise have been stressful for myself and my family. 

I particularly found my experience with Handelsbanken made easier by the manner in which your immediate reaction to our needs was to find a way of achieving our goals, in stark contrast to the approach which can sometimes, with other banks, feel more like a sterile run through red tape. 

You achieved a proper solution in an entirely professional but personal and helpful way for which we are very grateful."

Corporate Banking customer