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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"I have to confess to having a certain cynicism regarding investment seminars, but I was very pleased to find that this one was somewhat different; perhaps I was not that surprised,  as the Handelsbanken ethos seems remote from the “hard sell”.  I thought we were given an excellent view of the sustainable investment developments followed by a very well argued discourse in the state of the global economy, key issues and likely directions. I was particularly impressed by the way questions were handled. I also managed  to have a useful chat with Phillip clarifying a couple of issues regarding our investments. So all in all very worthwhile and most helpful to have copies of the presentations thank you."

Individual Banking customer 

"Put simply, we get great service from Handelsbanken. The team at Morpeth branch is small enough for us to know them all, but big enough that it has the knowledge, experience and expertise we need.

We deal with other banks on a regular basis and time and again we come across a local manager who makes a decision, and then has to pass everything through his Head Office. At that point everything generally slows to a halt. Not with Handelsbanken. The branch keeps control from start to finish, which cuts down on delays, means you can always find out what’s going on.

I would recommend Handelsbanken without any reservation at all."

Corporate Banking customer

"It was a real pleasure to meet with the team and I would like to thank you all for the most pleasant manner in which I was made to feel extremely welcome at Austin House.

The most professional and yet personal ethos of the bank was exuded by you all and for the first time in several years one was reassured by the genuine interest taken in my corporate and personal affairs."

Corporate Banking customer

"Finally a bank that listens and clearly understands us and our business.

Personal banking at its very best. Handelsbanken has captured the most essential element of understanding the personality of its customers as people and not simply numbers. How refreshing to know the person on the other end of the phone when we call.

Superb personal banking: traditional yet 21st century."

Individual Banking customers

"Working with the team at Handelsbanken is always a hassle-free and successful experience. The highly personable nature of the team coupled with the consistent level of professionalism means that potentially sensitive and hugely significant cases are dealt with quickly and very efficiently. Advice is always readily available, and we are always absolutely sure that the service our clients will receive from the team will be of the highest quality, so will continue to refer business across as and when any opportunity arises."

Corporate Banking customer