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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"Handelsbanken provide a personal service tailored to your requirements. Its philosophy of dealing with each client in this way differentiates them from almost every other retail bank experience. I have been delighted with their responsiveness, professionalism and willingness to be different; the hallmarks of the Handelsbanken experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking to reconnect with their bank."

Individual Banking customer

"Although I knew of Handelsbanken and its long history from my days working in The City of London, until relatively recently I was unaware of the Individual Banking service they could provide. Having told all my friends that retail bankers were all as bad as each other, it was not until one of the big clearers became virtually impossible to communicate with, had I bothered to try and find an alternative to the clearer I had been with for many years. Someone suggested Handelsbanken... I am now treated by someone whose face I know, as a customer, not a number for ticking boxes against; all my requirements are dealt with in short order and confirmed correctly. I feel positively spoiled.

"Thank you for your consistent help and attention to make my banking flow."

Individual Banking customer