Post Office Cash Deposit Service

Access banking services at over 11,500 Post Office branches across the UK
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You can deposit cash at any Post Office branch using your Handelsbanken Debit Card. To help protect you from financial crime, there are limits to how much cash you can deposit. Your account manager can take you through them and also help locate the best Post Office branch for you.

Depositing your cash

  1. Take your cash and Handelsbanken Debit Card to a Post Office branch. 
  2. Post Office will check your cash and ask you to confirm the amount using your PIN. 
  3. Keep the transaction receipt in case you have any queries. 
  4. Your account will be credited one working day later.

Coin deposit

Bank notes must be grouped by denomination and you can pay in up to £250 of coin per deposit - your account manager can provide you with coin bags. When paying in coin, coins below £1 must be in full bags: 50p and 20p: £10 bag, 10p and 5p: £5 bag, 2p and 1p: £1 bag.