Handelsbanken Apple Pay Terms

1. Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a way for you to make purchases using a phone or other device with your Handelsbanken card. You can use Apple Pay with any Handelsbanken debit card or Handelsbanken charge card that bears the MasterCard logo and that isn’t a business debit card or business charge card. 

In order to use Apple Pay, you have to register your Handelsbanken card to your device. It’s easy to add your Handelsbanken card to start making payments with Apple Pay. Simply choose which Handelsbanken card you want to link to Apple Pay then follow the instructions on your device to turn on Apple Pay. If you have more than one Handelsbanken card, you can register each card to your device.

Once you register your Handelsbanken card, you can use your device as if it was a contactless card or use Apple Pay to make payments online, wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Your current account or charge card account will be debited in the same way it would normally and will show in your transaction information as a card payment.

When you use Apple Pay to make payments, you may be able to make payments above the usual contactless limits which would apply.  

We will not charge you for using Apple Pay to make payments but your communications network operator may charge you for accessing Apple Pay via your device. Charges may vary between operators and if you're abroad.

If we replace the Handelsbanken card you have linked to Apple Pay (e.g. the card expires or we issue a replacement card because the previous card has been lost or stolen), unless we tell you otherwise, we’ll automatically register the new Handelsbanken card to your device.

If you choose to switch or transfer to another type of account or card, you’ll need to register any new card to your device if you want to continue using Apple Pay.

2. Your personal information 

Your personal information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy to allow you to make payments using your Handelsbanken card with Apple Pay. A copy of our privacy notice is available on our website at www.handelsbanken.co.uk/privacy. 

We may also share aggregated and anonymous information about your card payments with Apple. This information may be used by Apple to improve their service. We won’t share your identity, personally identifiable information or details of individual transactions with Apple.   Apple may send us information about you in order to verify your identity, check your eligibility and to prevent fraud.

Apple and other third parties you enter into arrangements with relating to Apple Pay (such as your mobile device provider and other account providers) may also have separate policies or terms and conditions relating to how they use your personal information.

3. Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions of your Handelsbanken charge card or current account apply in addition to these Apple Pay Terms when you use your Handelsbanken card with Apple Pay.

Your use of Apple Pay will also be subject to the terms and conditions which you agree with Apple directly. 

You may also enter into agreements with other third parties in relation to the use of Apple Pay, including your mobile device provider and other account providers. We won’t be responsible for any services provided by those third parties in connection with Apple Pay.

Any terms you enter into with a third party are separate from these Apple Pay Terms and will not form part of our agreement. 

4. Security 

In addition to the ways to keep your account and card safe set out in the terms and conditions which apply to the use of your Handelsbanken card, if you’ve registered your Handelsbanken card on a device you must:

  • never leave your device unattended; 
  • delete any personal or financial information (including the digital version of your Handelsbanken card stored on your device) before disposing of your device; 
  • ensure that any device you use has up to date software installed; 
  • not tell anyone the passcodes, passwords or any other security details used to access your device or, if available, allow anyone else to use their fingerprints or facial recognition to access your device; 
  • choose passwords, passcodes or other security details (used to access your device) that cannot be easily guessed (e.g. avoid date of births or telephone numbers); and 
  • not share or write down any of the security details used to access your device.

5. Liability

Apple Pay is provided by Apple. We won’t be responsible to you for your use of the Apple Pay service, including any service, information, software or hardware provided to you by Apple or any other third party. 

We won’t be responsible for Apple Pay being unavailable for any reason or for any faults, failures, security issues, performance issues or any other issues affecting or relating to your use of Apple Pay or the device you use to access Apple Pay. 

You should read the terms and conditions you have agreed with Apple or any other third party as these may include information on who is responsible for these issues. 

6. Removing Apple Pay

You should delete your Handelsbanken card from Apple Pay if you no longer want to make purchases using your phone or other device with your Handelsbanken card.

We can stop or restrict your use of Apple Pay at any time for any reason, including if we have reasonable grounds to suspect the unauthorised use of your Handelsbanken card via Apple Pay or the security of your personal information has been compromised. We’ll try to tell you beforehand but if we can’t we’ll try to tell you as soon as possible afterwards.