Unrecognised transactions


Don’t recognise a transaction?

There may be a number of reasons why you don’t recognise a transaction on your statement. We have provided some common explanations below. If you are still unsure, or you suspect it’s fraud, please contact Handelsbanken Customer Support on 0800 470 8000 (outside the UK: +44 20 7578 8247).

A joint account/secondary cardholder – if you have a joint account or have authorised an additional cardholder on your account, check whether this person recognises the transaction. If it is a card transaction, your statement will show the last four digits of the card used to make the transaction.

A company uses a different name – businesses and retailers can trade under a different trading name from the one you know them as or were expecting to see on your statement. 

A regular payment – e.g. monthly subscription such as Netflix. A regular debit or charge card payment (that is not a standing order or Direct Debit) for a subscription to a service that you previously agreed to.

A pre-authorisation - e.g. when hiring a car or paying for a hotel stay. Sometimes business or retailers will place a temporary hold on funds before a final debit amount is known. 

A free trial has expired - e.g. Amazon Prime. If you have recently signed up for a free trial, check whether it has expired as often a company will automatically start taking a monthly payment once the free trial has expired. 

Card security

We take every step possible to keep your card details safe. Read more about our guidelines to help you prevent fraudulent activity on your accounts.