Sort codes

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A sort code is the six digit number which usually identifies your bank and the branch where you opened your account.

Handelsbanken accounts

Here at Handelsbanken although we provide branch support, we don’t have a traditional counter service, which means we don’t use sort codes to denote each branch in our network. Instead we allocate sort codes to differentiate between our Individual and Corporate Banking customers and the counter services they can expect from our partner banks.  

Our Individual Banking customers are allocated a sort code which represents NatWest/RBS and our Corporate Banking customers use a sort code, representing HSBC.

Where do I find my sort code?

When you open an account with us, it will be clear which sort code applies to you. They can be found on cheque books, paying in books, in ‘Accounts and Transactions’ in Corporate and Individual online banking (you’ll find this under ‘Quick links’ when you log on ) and under ‘Account Information’ on our mobile banking apps.