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In the same way as residential properties, commercial properties and businesses also need an EPC rating their energy efficiency from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). Recommendations are also included as to how these ratings can be improved. All private commercial properties legally must have a minimum EPC rating of E, with this proposed to increase in years to come to min. EPC C by 2027 and EPC B by 2030.

You’ll need an EPC if…

  • the building is being sold or rented 
  • if the construction of a premises is now complete
  • when modifications or improvements are made to premises e.g. installation of new heating system
  • you’re providing a new lease
  • you’re providing an existing lease

EPCs have to be displayed to any commercial building when:

  • the total floor areas used is more than 500sqm 
  • the  building regularly used by the public
  • an EPC has been produced for the building’s sale, rental or construction

Are there exceptions?

Yes, some. If properties are:
  • temporary 
  • places of worship
  • protected
  • buildings with low energy consumption 
  • due to be demolished

Improving your business’ EPC rating

Whether you’re legally required to make changes to meet regulation or you simply want to cut costs and emissions, there’s a lot you can do to make a start. Making improvements and reducing emissions will not only have an effect on your bottom line, but also your reputation. You could attract customers because of the stance your business takes on sustainability issues, conversely customers may leave if they're not happy with your approach.

Find out more about EPC regulations, current requirements and what to expect in the future via link below:

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Make a start by working out current energy consumption, where savings can be made and the investment needed to get your properties running more efficiently. These are good places to begin your research 

energysavingtrust.org Opens in a new window

gov.uk/improve-energy-efficiency Opens in a new window

ofgem.gov.uk Opens in a new window

If you’re ready to get going on changes, big or small, talk to us about how we can help finance your plans.